Every emotion stirred within you from a photo is carefully crafted to do just that. With a gentle balance of visions coming to life and artistic boundaries being pursued and pushed, your wedding images should be art that depicts the exact reactions and emotions that were shared when captured. Through these fine details and reflections, your story will be told through a narrative that allows you to experience the joy that last filled that exact space.

This is documentary.

Turning the art of your wedding into luxury imagery

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Micah offers a single, all-inclusive collection for every wedding, with full-day coverage designed to be couple-forward, detail-oriented, and refined to align with your unique vision. Through true-to-tone colors, expressive lighting, and raw emotion, every moment will be captured to honor the time, money, and tears that you poured into your special day.

“Every single one of Micah’s photos are the type of photo you frame. We have spent hours as a family going through all the special moments he captured and the craziest part is - by the time the wedding was done, we all felt like he was a part of our family. He was so flexible, so knowledgeable and so prepared to capture every aspect of our day. My family and I can not recommend him highly enough”

- Charity & Nate

“You know when a photographer "just gets" you? They sense the vibe you're going for and execute it seamlessly and beautifully? This is Micah. Micah was able to capture the magic of our intimate ceremony and reception. Not only are the pictures visually stunning, but they exude so many vibrant emotions that take us back to that day whenever we look at them. We have shared them with friends and family who were unable to attend, and they tell us it’s as if they witnessed our union. We gave Micah full creative direction from the get-go, and there is not one thing he didn’t do that we wish he had.”

- Lucky & Angelo

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Your engagement and wedding should not chase trends that follow the norm, but encapsulate a theme that screams your name.

Imagine hiring a wedding visionary to photograph your big day – someone to consult when looking to refine your bridal fashion, an expert who will guide you toward a free-flowing yet wild experience, an advisor who knows all about eclectic elegance, and a friend who can share every well-crafted moment in celebration with you.